Short resume of my working life and my atistic journey -


I have been in engineering since school days, time served apprentice toolmaker, and have worked for several interesting companies from Scanning Electron Microscopes to the “Atlas Project” the largest machine ever built. The University created a lot of diverse challenges from building innovative research apparatus to the last project I had, I was one of the engineers (Chief Research Engineer) based at the High Energy Group, Cavendish Laboratories,, Cambridge UK on the Atlas project at CERN


My Art Journey

 I have been interested in producing art all of my life but never really had the time to do it only snatching moments when I can like a lot of amateur artists. I am completely self taught, having no formal art training in all the art that I produce and strongly believe in drawing as the essential foundation in all traditional and contemporary art.

I usually sketch and then produce artwork from my sketches with photographs only as a back up to remind me of the situation.

Watercolour is my main form of painting but as you can see from  my gallery page I try all forms of  paint and  materials- not always successfully - a few mistakes here and there.

In the 80's I with 3 other amateur artists formed a group calling ourselves the Cambridge Art Group, CAG, with the view of selling/promoting our work and charging a commission to give to local charities, Headway and Kidney Research at Addenbrookes Hospital. The exhibitions were mainly held in local churches until we approached Impington Village College and used their hall, then we were able to hold a successful annual exhibition. The artists were all beginners and most of them coming from the art classes run by Penny Hawkins at Waterbeach School, Cambridgeshire, this was very successful to such an extent that the local schools virtually took over thinking that it was a good money earner for their schools. This was OK for us because we then went to Cottenham Village college to hold our exhibitions until the same thing happened.

Proud elected member of the Cambridge Drawing Society since 1993

London Art College.

Botanical Painting - Done and dusted - got my Diploma in July 2016 and 2019  both with merit. The tutors were Gaynor Dickensen 2016, and Polly O'Leary 2019.


Diploma Course with the Royal Botanical Gardens Edinburgh - Botanical Illustration unfortunately I had to quit the course.


Society of Scribes and Illustrators - Calligraphy Correspondence course started.


Calligraphy and Lettering Arts Society - Completed the Calligraphy certificate in both slanted pen Uncial script and the foundation hand script - passed both with a merit in Uncial and distinction in foundational


Just started, January 2021, the Society of Botanical Artists online 27 month Diploma course - it seems a long time but you know how time flies nowadays.