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My Artistic Journey -

No formal art education although I was offered a place at the Cambridge College of Art and Technology but took the option of engineering, it was the case of the head taking over the heart decision and getting a ‘proper job’. 

I have been interested in producing art all of my life but never really had the time to do it only snatching moments when I can like a lot of amateur artists. I am completely self taught, having no formal art training in all the art that I produce and strongly believe in drawing as the essential foundation in all traditional and contemporary art. I usually sketch and then produce artwork from my sketches with photographs only as a back up to remind me of the situation. Watercolour and pencil drawing are my main form of painting but as you can see from  my gallery page I try all forms of  paint and  materials.

In the 80's I with 3 other amateur artists formed a group calling ourselves the Cambridge Art Group, CAG, with the view of selling/promoting our work and charging a commission to give to local charities.. The exhibitions were mainly held in Cambridge churches and village colleges and were very successful for both the artists and the charities.

I am a proud elected member of the  Cambridge Drawing Society since 1993.

At the present time I have found a new passion - Botanical Illustration - this is filling all my retirement time taking online Diplomas with the London Art College, RBGE, and the Society of Botanical Artists, not all at once of course. In 2023 I finally finished my Society of Botanical Artists online Diploma after 27 months of assignments, exam plus portfolio. I have now earned the title Brian Fromant DipSBA

2024 Found a new passion -


Copperplate calligraphy or English Roundhand.


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